How to apply for jobs in the Digital Age

Trends are changing and so is the way you apply for jobs. Recruitment is moving towards a Digital Hiring Model.

  1. Get a Linkedin Profile. This is your digital resume. Ensure it reads professionally, is up to date and has your correct contact details. Highlight awards, achievements and ask for recommendations.
  2. Clean up your social media accounts. Ensure you have the right privacy settings in place. Hide unprofessional photos from public view.
  3. A google search of your name can be a reference check – if it’s on the web its public. Google yourself and go further to set up a google alert with your name.
  4. Ensure you have a professional email address
  5. When writing your resume be job specific and use key words and phrases that are most used in your profession. Recruiters now use software which scans resumes for key words to assess suitability.
  6. Contact an industry specific agency and make yourself known. A lot of jobs are not advertised.

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