As part of a job brief with my clients, I always ask the following question.

What makes your business different?

The answers I get almost every time are “we have a great culture”, or, “we offer great training.”

Whilst these two points are not to be taken for granted, they are far too generic to make you an employer of choice. Have you thought about implementing any of the following ten ideas industry leaders such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Netflix are offering?

  1. Free food (suggested resource: The Fruitbox)
  2. Uniforms provided (suggested resource: Simply Uniforms)
  3. Extra time off
  4. Employee of the month incentives
  5. Working from home/flexible work hours
  6. Reimbursement for child care
  7. Extended maternity/paternity leave
  8. Onsite laundry service (suggested resource: Boring Chores Laundry Services)
  9. Free onsite or discounted off-site gym memberships
  10. Company paid-for Employee Assistance/ Counselling Programs (suggested resource: EAP Assist)

Remember, there is no ‘one size fits all’ model. People are motivated by different things – namely, appreciation for work done, sympathetic help on personal problems, inclusiveness, job security, wages, interesting work, promotion opportunities and overall good working conditions.

Before you advertise your next vacancy, ask yourself –

“Why would someone want to work for my business?”

NB: These ten ideas presented by the PRESS team are specific to an Australian audience in terms of suggested resources.