The perks that make your business stand out from the rest

When it comes to choosing whether to stay in a role or apply for a new one, 24% of Australians agree that in addition to salary, employee benefits play a significant role. But what benefits do they actually want? asked over 2,000 Australians to rate their most wanted work perks and the results are in.

Here are 5 ways you can stand out from the pack and attract the best talent to your business:

1. Flexible Working Hours
The number one work perk that Australians want is the ability to choose their working hours. At Press, we are finding more and more businesses offering employees the option to split their office contact hours over more/less days allowing them to pursue other interests and achieve a better work life balance.

2. Time in Lieu
Getting time back for additional hours worked is the second most in-demand employee benefit. Weekend work is expected within the property industry and whilst we don’t expect to see this change, we are noticing a significant rise in employers offering staff time in lieu or paid over time as compensation for their discretionary effort.

3. Working from Home
Being given the option to work from home comes in at number three for most wanted work perks. It may not be achievable 24/7 but offering employees the option to work remotely even 1 day a week/fortnight/month speaks volumes about a business’ culture and attitude towards their staff. With the use of mobile phones and cloud based technology on the rise, why wouldn’t you take advantage it?

4. Subsidised Healthcare
The fourth most appealing benefit that businesses can offer is health insurance cover. Most health funds also offer discounted rates for corporate members, meaning it doesn’t cost your business a penny.

5. Support for formal Training and Education. 
Providing subsidised education, training, or personal development courses is the fifth most wanted work perk in Australia.

If you’re currently recruiting for a new role, or getting ready to overhaul your staff retention strategy, have a think about what non-monetary benefits that are important to your people and how you can differentiate yourself as an employer of choice.

Source: Independent research conducted by Nature on behalf of SEEK. Interviewing 4800 Australians annually

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